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All services are confidential. We follow a Trauma Informed Care model to empower co-victims of homicide to meet their self-identified goals of healing.


Healing Pathway has four key areas of programming

  • Case Management
  • Education Advocacy
  • Trauma Informed Care Trained Mentors
  • Victim Advocacy


Case Management

Case managers are trained professionals that monitor program participants, ensuring that they are receiving services without interruption. Case managers provide the following.


  • Ongoing modeling of professional development
  • Encourages and models soft skills
  • Encourages child to focus on future and positive social exposures
  • Participates in monthly activity that is used to support a child exposed to trauma
  • Mentors are trained in trauma informed care

Case Management

  • Educational Advocacy
  • Mental and physical health referrals
  • Review of treatment barriers and create ways to minimize or eliminate them
  • Community referrals
  • Serves as a liaison with victim advocacy

Victim Advocates

  • Court support
  • Provide partnership and communication with key city and state victim advocates
  • Assist child and family with key dates and reviewing barriers that may impact a successful legal process, such as transportation, understanding  documentation, completing forms,  etc.

Educational Advocacy

  • Healing Pathway will link families to literacy and tutoring programs throughout the metro area.
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